“How I Went From One Bottle of
Ketchup to Multi Six Figures...”
When I first started my business in 2003, I had to put $300 on credit cards every month just to pay my electric bill. For that year and a half my parents bought my groceries as I racked up debt... because I couldn't afford them. And when my ex-husband finally found a job that required us to move to another state, the only food I had to take with us was...

...ONE bottle of ketchup.

Over the next few years I worked myself to near exhaustion to build my business. Every time I saw a bottle of ketchup I was reminded of where I didn't want to be ever again. I wanted (actually...needed) to prove that I could make it work. In time, what I discovered was I didn't have to work myself to the bone to reach my dream income! How?

It all came down to BALANCE, my mindset, and Wealth Smarts.

When I finally found the secret to making (and KEEPING) money and applied that secret to the financials in my business, things changed. That business grew! And then I started another business... and then another. Now, every time I start a new business, I apply "the secret" I discovered to not only break through income barriers others said I would encounter, but to enjoy the financial freedom I craved! 

I FINALLY had the answer!

LISTEN...Does the idea of balancing your business books make you break out in cold sweats?

Are you at a loss every month wondering what happened to all the money you made?

Do you ever think, "If I had more money, this wouldn't be a problem anymore"?

Whether you're a speaker, coach, author, artist, web developer, publisher, or service-based business, you probably obsess about money. A LOT. You've likely ALSO discovered that if you ignore those money challenges, they will still be an issue. How's THAT working for you?

Whatever your thoughts about it...

You're not alone! Every entrepreneur has gone through their own "growing pains" of dealing with money... often alone... until they finally discover the secret to breakthrough from "never enough" to "surplus and growth".

And yet until that secret is discovered, it seems like your bank account just plummets over and over again until you're tired, frustrated, and ready to give up.

Am I right?!?

Look... I've been there. It took time, but I figured something out... (besides the fact that I'll never look at a bottle of ketchup the same ever again...)
And Now I Want to Share that Discovery with YOU!
I know a LOT of business owners. And I can honestly tell you that almost every business owner I meet doesn't have Wealth Smarts. In fact, 100% of my consulting clients didn't have Wealth Smarts when we first started working together. WOW!

I want YOU to see numbers like these...
The following are my actual numbers in ONE account for my businesses over the past three years... which do not take into consideration ANY licensing or royalty payments deposited into other accounts. (In other words, I made MORE money than what's shown here each year...)
*Note: This year is when we started Toy Box Gifts & Wonder, so HALF the year I spent working almost 100% in the NEW business... And I STILL made over $400k in this "neglected" one!
2018 Year-to-Date
*Note: This year is when we started Nerdvana Outpost, so HALF the year I've been working about 75% in yet ANOTHER NEW business... AND managing Toy Box Gifts & Wonder which is still in its infancy... And I'm STILL on target to make over $500k in this "neglected" one!
And Finally... Speaking of Toy Box Gifts & Wonder...
12 Months into the NEW 2017 Business We Blew Past Money Barriers Others Said We'd Encounter... and I Knew NOTHING About Retail When We Started!
I'm not opening my books and sharing my numbers to brag. I'm sharing them so you can see I know what I'm talking about, I've worked with money a LOT... And I know what it takes not only for you to succeed in your existing business, but to create seeds to grow more!
It's Time for You To Get Your Own
Wealth Smarts!
Module 1: Start Smart
  •  The Big Basics: What is it about money? What are you so afraid of? What EASY systems can you put into place to keep yourself from going stark-raving mad? How can you wake up refreshed, energized and EXCITED instead of worried, beat down and scared?
  •  The "B" Word: My personal step-by-step formula to keep track of my money so I know where it's going, where it's gone, and how to get MORE... which is actually SUPER easy. (They don't teach this in school...)
  •  The Structural Software: Exactly what SIMPLE software to use to turn scary number crunching into EASY management... save time, AND make it easy enough to do yourself.
  •  And Much More... (NO "guru" I know is willing to show you behind the scenes their REAL numbers. That's why I'm opening MY books in this session, so you'll see exactly where my money goes, how I track it, and what it takes to reach a multi six-figure level!)
Module 2: Engage Excellence
  • Achieve Alignment: Exactly how to get your bank account to align with your goals, your goals with your dreams, and your dreams with reality!
  • The VOID Theory: Updated! Tap into this system I constructed and use every. single. day. Seriously, this is me being raw, transparent... a REAL peek behind the curtain. And it's sooooo much easier than you might think!
  • Breakthrough the Barriers: How to identify your Money Blocks, break through them, and finally reach the income level you desire and know you deserve.
  •  And Much, Much More!
Module 3: Optimize Operations
  • Growth Beyond Self: How exactly I stay on top of my numbers, how to find people you trust to guide you along the way, and how to fire people who don't serve you... if necessary.
  •  Systems and Processes: The easiest way to keep your data safe from hackers, processes to keep you focused and on-task so you don't neglect your books, and super easy ways to keep your financial sanity.
  • The Abundance Equation: How to grow beyond your own needs, your own family, and really impact your community... and WHEN to do it so you don't overwhelm yourself or your bank account.
  • THE One Powerful Thought: The SINGLE most IMPORTANT piece you should walk away with in this course... and I'm zipping my mouth shut on that... you'll have to enroll to find out more!
  •  And naturally... a HECKOFALOT More!
"Fun Business Budgeting Planner"

This 22-page printable PDF Planner will take you through 7 easy steps with super fun exercises to help you track your money... and free yourself up to MAKE more money!

This Planner is especially useful if you're currently a coach or service provider working on an hourly rate!

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